The 5 Best Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket This Fall

The 5 Best Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket This Fall

Fall is around the corner, and we are all excited to make the most of it. It’s our favorite season when the air is crispy and thick with a woody scent and Halloween preparations are in sight everywhere. Whether it’s picking out a pumpkin to decorate or plucking a bushel of apples from an orchard to whomp up a delectable apple pie, this is a fun-filled season.

It’s the best time to go shopping for thick clothing. Talking about thick clothing, a leather jacket is a must-have in this season to flaunt your style and protect yourself from the piercingly chillier air as winter approaches closer. This post will guide you on how to style jackets in fall by giving you some interesting ideas for autumnal leather jacket outfits.

Real Leather Jackets

Real leather jackets are for real people. The warmth, comfort, and, more than anything, the confidence you experience with real leather jackets can’t ever be felt with a faux leather jacket, no matter how real it looks. If you own one, you can vouch for the fact.

From the biker jacket to the trench coat, there are several men’s leather jacket styles. The selection of a style depends on your taste and needs. Every style has its own charm and feel. The leather biker jacket, for example, which has a notched lapel collar and is embellished with a passel of zippers and snaps, is the most typical leather jacket. If you have a taste in traditional clothing, you may be attracted to this vintage style.

Then, you also have the racer jacket, which is a modern spin on the biker jacket. It simplifies the biker jacket by replacing the lapel collar with a stand-up collar and reducing the number of zippers and other embellishments.

You need to be aware of common leather jacket styles to understand how to style jackets and enjoy the unique feel they each offer.

Brief History of Leather Jackets

Brief History of Leather Jackets

Leather jackets were initially created for people in the air force. They needed something to keep them warm and comfortable at high altitudes. This is why the warmer a jacket was, the costlier it was. To make them warm and comfortable, they were lined with fleece and made from sheepskin. These jackets were called flight or aviator jackets back then and later took the name of bomber jackets.

Real leather jackets were an essential part of military clothing. However, over time, warmer and more sophisticated options became available. They used synthetic leather and replaced real leather jackets, sending them into the fashion industry. Today, leather jackets are seen as fashion apparel rather than mere coats to keep you safe and snug.

Their popularity increased back in the times of McQueen and James Dean, who were considered style icons and still are. They gave the leather jacket an entirely different meaning. They started being seen as fashionable apparel. Singers and actors wore them frequently, inspiring the youth to adopt this new trend.

Later on, they became the staple wear of bikers and racers, because of their incredible thickness and impressively high endurance to scratches and extremely low temperatures. Leather jackets kept these individuals safe from minor road injuries.

However, since motorcyclists were largely viewed as rebels and ‘bad guys’ who rode at night to hassle and mug people, leather jackets became part of their thuggish style, which included body piercings, extravagant accessories, ankle-high boots, and shaped sideburns and beards.

Thankfully, the mindset soon changed, and this amazing outerwear didn’t fall victim to all that skepticism. From corporate personnel to fashionistas, everyone wears leather jackets to enjoy the unique sense of pride they bestow on them by highlighting their best features.

Best Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket

Best Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets appear to be the outwear that can go over anything you have on and makes you look effortlessly impressive. While they really are, there is a whole science to them that you need to know to make them work their magic. Here are five simple ways to wear a leather jacket in fall and turn heads.

Throw it Like a Shawl

You don’t always have to slide your hands through the sleeves when you wear a leather jacket. Just throw it over your shoulders at the back to play it cool. For your daytime tramp, wear it over a plain T-shirt paired up with blue tapered denims. Finish this look with clean white sneakers.

It’s a simple, straightforward, and minimal look. As a final note, accessorize the look with a strap watch and a silver necklace with a small pendant featuring something like an elephant tusk. People will envy your unruffled demeanor.

Wear it Over a Checkered Shirt

Checkered patterns under a leather jacket create an intriguing backdrop. They amp up the classiness of a leather jacket, giving you a perfect off-duty look. To complete the outfit, put on black shoes and dark blue denims with the bottoms rolled up till the ankles.

Notch up this casual look even further with a leather-strap watch and a neck chain.

Cowboy up with a Trucker Jacket

With a nice cropped and slim cut and a simple design, a trucker jacket ends at the waist. It could be described as a new and simplified iteration of cowboy-style jackets. Wear it on top of a simple T-shirt paired up with slim chinos. Lace up your black chucks, and you are all set to hit the town.

Wear a Suede Jacket over a Henley Shirt

Slip on a white Henley shirt with a tan suede jacket on the top for a break from black. Cover your legs with light-blue slim-fit jeans and finalize the look with suede Chelsea boots with the same tan shade as the jacket. For accessories, you can wear shades, a silver link watch, and maybe a stone ring.

It’s a simple, sophisticated, and well-rounded look.

Back to Black

Hop on your bike with a black leather biker jacket, a plain black T-shirt, black skinny jeans, and black boots on. You can rustle up a hundred appealing leather jacket outfits, but none of them can beat the vibe you get in this all-black getup. To finish the look off, put on black shades and a black strap watch.

Amongst all these five leather outfits, we believe this one is the classiest and most stylish look we can ever flaunt, be it fall or winter.


We hope you now have a better understanding of how to style jackets. You can either try these leather jacket outfits or alter them a little to your taste to establish yourself as a well-dressed and well-known person in your social circle. A good leather jacket is mandatory, though.

We believe a leather jacket is a staple outwear piece in every man’s wardrobe. No other piece of clothing can give you the gutsy feel that this ubiquitous layer does besides keeping you warm and snug on chilly days.

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