How to Choose the Best Summer Wardrobe Staples

How to Choose the Best Summer Wardrobe Staples

Every style seeker needs wardrobe staples to make the most out of this summer. Indeed, your wardrobe needs a revamp to store only summer essentials. If you think of it, one can get thru summer simply by following its long-dictated rule over the history; Fill Your Wardrobe with Breathable – aka Summer Essentials. Men and women both need to take care of themselves, especially in summer, as their previously-owned (winter staples) leather jackets, heavy-denim jeans, draped gowns, and wool scarves cannot rival summer. For what it's worth, it's quite the opposite that does just that.

The fact that you need only comfortable and open clothes this summer comes as no surprise to us. From breathable shorts to maxi dresses, they are the vital fashion pieces we must turn to with the intention of concluding summer wardrobe staples. Although summer comes every now and then, the most important thing to note is here is that you shouldn't give up your long-built style due to summer clothing.

However, this post aims to unveil the top summer wardrobe staples, which are not only for holiday wear, they're stylish, comfy, and sustainable in all. From men's to women's wardrobe staples, this written piece will cover each.

Roll This Summer with Style and Coziness!!!

Top 6 Summer Wardrobe Staples

White T-Shirt/Shirt

White T-Shirt
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Lean into summer whites this season and elevate your neutral looks. It’s a worldwide known fact that dark hues absorb more heat than light ones. So, one way to beat the summer you can wear any breathable, soft, and button-down white shirts. And pairing that with shorts or any wispy ripped denim jeans with sneakers would bring you the ultimate magic. Even better, it can be anchored in multiple ways you think fit. In all, it’s a must-have wardrobe accessory for both men and woman.

Maxi Dresses

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To all the ladies out there who want to look classy this summer, pull on maxi dresses with espadrilles. Shine like you always wanted, and mesmerize your spectators with any floral or your favorite design maxi dresses this summer. For one thing, they are the best women’s closet essentials. From Dakota Johnson to Emilia Clarke, both have been (many times though) spotted wearing maxi dresses in casual and formal gatherings. What I mean is that this style has all the trends you need to turn to. Plus, it’ll help you have a cool body temp in the summer.



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In the meantime, the heat and the leisure time have quite been the point up till now. Maybe you need to go short this summer. Why not? Shorts are the perfect summer staple that you need in your wardrobe. It’s one of the evolving styles, especially in summer you can see everybody is wearing it, from celebrities to people in business each has their own style combo with shorts. Couple it with any light-colored shirts or t-shirts to have a breathable style. Go easy on your body this summer; pull on cool shorts.


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Nothing less, but your wardrobe needs a pair of dark glasses to complete your summer fashion. It’s not possible to endure the season without any trendy black sunglasses. Be it Hollywood divas or smarties, everyone has an incredible set of sunglasses to raise the bar high this summer. Have yours today. And make sure to pair those dark shades with white or any light color shirts to impress both yourself and the spectators. Maybe you know, but I’ll say it anyhow, dark sunglass is the best way to protect your eyes from sunny shades and whatnot; thereby, necessary.

Humane T-Shirts

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Look up the best summer wardrobe basics in any search engine and get ready to be baffled. Soft and light color t-shirts are in all of them! Many wear t-shirts on a loop to beat the heat of summer, although this wardrobe essential has been undervalued countless times. Surely, t-shirt wear is simple, but you can assemble it with fabulous fashion accessories to bring out its magic. Not to mention for many, t-shirts have pulled off striking charismas. But if you know how to anchor it with the right outfits, you’re all set to roll with them.

Tank Tops

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Especially in summer, we don’t think more layering is needed than tank tops. They are the versatile layer women need in their wardrobes for summer moods. Besides being a solid base layer, this timeless summer apparel goes with any kind of arty-embellishing you desire to put on. Tank tops come in an ultra-thin feel with shoulder straps that are perfect for your summer outings. This chic fashion article is a must-have wardrobe essential for women. What’s even better is that it’s a friendly wear and goes with many outfits.

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Summer Wardrobe Staples

Choosing the Best Summer Wardrobe Staples

Filling your wardrobe with dazzling summer outfits isn’t easy. For that, you’ll need experts’ advice to pull off this endeavor smartly. The key thing to know here is that you need to leave behind the winter clothes you had previously in your wardrobe. That’ll do nothing but make you feel more microwaved than ever. Believe it or not, you don’t want your skin all sweaty and smelly, especially in the summer. So, below are some fantastic tips and tricks to pick summer wardrobe essentials by yourself with a breeze.

Bright Colors

First things first, you have to know what colors bring you comfort and won’t absorb heat. Knowing so would help you choose the best summer staples like a walk in the park. Never go for dark shade colors for summer apparel. Those are what attract heat and, consequently, make you feel hot as well. Colors such as white, blue, coral pink, green, grey, or any vivid are ideal for summer.

Humane Fabrics

Particularly in summer, get away from wool, flannel, tweed, tartan, or any other fabric that people had on in the winter. Instead, go with soft and lenient fabrics that’ll do nothing but give your body the air it needs. Summer wear is mainly comprised of humane outfits that help pass the immediate air to your bare body. Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Chambray, Polyester, Nylon, and Silk are the best summer wear to date. Those summer fabrics are specially designed for hot and humid weather conditions to help you enjoy the season.

Summer Accessories

Wear as light as you can in summer. But when it comes to anchoring trendy summer accessories, you can never go wrong on that one. Perhaps, it’s one way to look classy while having the essential support to beat the summer. Hats, sunglasses, perfumes, tissues, bags, and umbrellas are a way to escape summer hotness like a breeze. Try using labeled (branded) of those summer stuff to let people know you’re simple and yet they can’t afford it. Additionally, summer accessories help you stand out and always prepared.

Following the tips mentioned above would make you a savvy shopper and would help you fill your wardrobe with summer staples like a dream.

Here It Ends

The fact that one’s style should never be compromised is still well-preserved. Therefore, regardless of the season, you should never compromise on your style and fill your wardrobe with only chic outfits. Fashion keeps changing, and so should your wardrobe gears. To help you get thru this summer, Markhor Wear has a wide-ranging outfit collection from tops to lower wear to help you fill your summer as well as winter wardrobe. Check them out available in the best online deals!