Leather Bomber Jackets 101: A Comprehensive Styling Guide

Leather Bomber Jacket


When winter starts creeping in, and you can feel cold air, it is a little reminder that winter is on its way. This is the time when a special kind of jacket comes in handy – the leather bomber jacket. It's not just any jacket that keeps you warm but also makes you look great.

You can put it that way "A leather bomber jacket is like a cozy comforting hug waiting to wrap around you to embrace the chilly winters".

If you're a newbie to fashion and do not have much knowledge about how to buy and style a leather bomber jacket then this blog post is for you.

But wait...

How many of you know about the famous bomber jackets and their historical background?  I'm pretty sure most of you do not know about the origin of bomber jackets.

Let’s have a look

What is a Bomber Jacket?

The Bomber Jacket is also known as a flight jacket as it derived its style and many other characteristics from military jackets from the first half of the 20th century.

It is a waist-length jacket with elasticized snug-fitting cuffs, high collars wrapping around the neck, front zipper or button closure with wind flaps, and waistbands.  You can put on a bomber jacket with the collars flipped up for extra protection, keeping your neck safe from the cold. The soft faux fur adds a touch of warmth, like a fuzzy embrace. Traditionally, the bomber jackets are made from leather and lamb or sheep skin.  

History: An Overview of Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets were born out of the need to protect the early fighter pilots from the harsh winter in 1917. The cockpit of a plane had far less room, and the pilot had to enter and exit Therefore, the length of the flight jacket was made shorter than the car coats and designed specifically to tackle the unpleasant weather at high altitudes. The Army Aviation Clothing Board of the United States designed the first edition of the flight jacket. These bomber jackets have evolved in their design and features over the years.

Let's talk about some really cool styles of flight jackets from history!

Bomber Jackets Used in the First World War

During World War I, the design and functionality of flight jackets were made even better to handle all kinds of weather. Natural material like sheepskin, fur, and tough leather was used to make these jackets. Featuring heavy insulation, tight closures around the waist, wrist, and neck, and a tough, weather-resistant exterior. You might have seen something like this in the movie "The King’s Man," set during World War I.

The Interwar Era

Between the two World Wars, flying got even more advanced. Planes went higher, and pilots faced crazy weather conditions. So, they had to improve their jackets. Leslie Irvin, a smart aviator, created the first sheepskin flight jacket for extreme altitudes. There were different types, like A1 and A2 bomber jackets, with wool linings and cool designs. The A2 leather bomber jacket was the star with its knitted waistband and cuffs.

In the '30s, inspired by Irvin, the military made its B-3 leather bomber jackets with a big sheepskin collar. Then came the B6, a sleeker version for closed cockpits.

Bomber Jackets Used in World War II

In World War II, planes evolved, and high-altitude bombing missions became a thing. Bomber Jackets In 1943, they introduced the B10, a lighter, versatile jacket for fighter pilots. The A2 jacket was a big deal, even among non-flying generals who liked its style. People loved decorating A2 jackets with cool artwork.

The G-1 and Modern-Day Bomber Jackets

The A-2 was a legend but then came its successor, the G1. This leather jacket became iconic, and loved by many. Fast forward to today, and bomber jackets are still cool. The B10 was replaced by the B-15, and then came the MA1 and MA2 models in the 1950s, rocking dark blue or sage green colors. The MA2 even had a fold-down collar. That's the modern bomber jacket look you probably know!

What is the Difference between Varsity Leather Jackets and Leather Bomber Jackets?

These jackets look a lot alike, sharing some cool style points. The varsity, also known as the "letterman" jacket, got super popular in the '60s. Now, here's the twist – the varsity jacket loves bright colors, unlike the military-inspired bomber. Pay attention to the sleeves! In a varsity jacket, the sleeve color usually pops out, creating a contrast with the jacket's body. That's the biggest difference between these two awesome styles. Ladies choose the one that matches your vibe – military cool or vibrant varsity from our collection of varsity bomber jackets for women. Men can also pick from our collection of varsity bomber jackets for men.

Let's talk about getting the perfect fit for your bomber jacket.

How to choose a leather bomber jacket that fits you perfectly?

Right Body Fit of a Leather Bomber Jacket

Make sure not to get an oversized bomber jacket like a trend that has come and gone since the 1980s. 

A well-fitted bomber jacket is a game-changer. It should be snug but not tight, giving you room to move comfortably. Think of it like a good suit jacket with a higher armhole – that's the sweet spot. Pay attention to this area because it'll help you to raise and lower your arms without any trouble.

Nowadays, most leather bomber jackets have elastic cuffs and hems. Here's the trick – don't stretch them too tight when you put on the jacket. Let the elastic gently hug your wrists and waist, allowing you to move freely underneath. If it's too tight? You would feel uncomfortable. If it's too loose? You won't keep the cold out.

Correct Length for Bomber Jackets

Getting the right length for your bomber jacket is key. You want it to hit your hips – that's the sweet spot!

As the bomber jacket evolved from the original flight jackets, it got shorter to be hassle-free during flights. So, aim for the jacket to reach your hips. Just below is cool, but if it covers your rear, it's too long. On the other hand, make sure there's a little "seal" between your pants' waistband and the jacket's hem. That's why aiming for hip height is the way to go. 

Correct Sleeve Length for Bomber Jackets

Now, let's tackle the sleeve length of your bomber jacket. Since the leather bomber jacket comes has an elastic cuff it's a bit tricky, but we've got it covered!

Think of the bomber jacket sleeve like a suit jacket sleeve, and the elastic cuff as a shirt cuff. For the perfect fit, the cuff should sit around the root of your thumb. It's alright if the main sleeves overlap the elastic cuff a bit, but they shouldn't completely cover it. If they do, that's a clear sign the sleeve is too long. Aim for that spot, and you'll have a bomber jacket that nails the sleeve length!

Add leather jackets to your everyday style with our styling guide. We have shared some of the fantastic combos, the classic leather bomber jacket.

Styling Tips: Leather Bomber Jackets for Men & Women

Red Leather Bomber Jacket

Pair our red leather bomber jacket with neutral colors t-shirts like black, white, or gray to let the jacket stand out. Trendy women out there can check out our red leather bomber jackets for women. Men can also grab their favorite from a collection of red bomber jackets for men.    

Casual or Formal look

Red leather jackets can be dressed up for a semi-formal occasion or down for a casual day out.

Black Leather Bomber Jacket

If you’re a fan of Top Gun, grab our black leather bomber jacket for men and wear it over a white tee. Throw in some quality denim jeans and sturdy boots, and voila! You've nailed the iconic look. It's a cool way to blend classic and casual from your wardrobe. Just remember, leather bombers lean a bit dressier than fabric ones. So, get ready to rock that effortlessly stylish vibe!

The best thing about bomber jackets is that it is genderless. Those women who want to carry a stylish look can go for our black leather bomber jacket for women.

Blue Leather Bomber Jacket

Looks Great with denim

Both men and women can wear blue leather bomber jacket with denim, creating a stylish and cohesive look. Women can choose our blue leather bomber jacket for women to wear over a cropped shirt for a chic look.

Brown Leather Bomber Jackets

For Casual Cool: Denim Combo

The stylish man out there can wear our brown leather bomber jacket with classic denim jeans for an effortlessly cool and casual look. Check out our B3 Leather Bomber Jacket for Men. It will look great with denim jeans.

Graphic Tees

The trendy women can improve their look by layering our brown bomber jackets for women over a stylish graphic tee. You can also go for our G1 leather bomber jackets for women.

Smart Casual Outfit

Chinos Charm

Classy men can combine our brown leather jacket for men with custom-made chinos for a polished yet relaxed smart-casual outfit.

Button-Up Sophistication

You can also opt for a button-up shirt underneath to add a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

Key Takeaways

By now, you must have ample information about styling different colors and styles of bomber jackets. If you’re on the hunt for some good quality custom leather bomber jackets then Markhorwear is here. Pick your favorite classic color of bomber jackets from our leather bomber jacket collection for men and women.  We’ve also got the famous A2 leather bomber jacket for men and women. Also, check out our MA1 leather bomber jacket for men and women which is a fashion pioneer that connects military style with everyday fashion. Find a perfect balance and correct size, and nail the correct body fit for your bomber jacket through our styling guide!