There is NO Interconnection between MarkhorWear & MarkhorLive

No interconnection between markhorwear and markhorlive

We have observed that people are confusing “MarkhorWear” with another brand, known as “MarkhorLive”. Hence, Markhorwear deems it necessary to clarify that we are registered as “MarkhorWear” & have no association with the other brand.

Any complaints regarding faulty products received or unfair charges being demanded from cannot be unfortunately addressed by MarkhorWear. It is not in our policy to charge any extra amount. Any extra amount being charged on behalf of the “other” brand cannot be addressed by MarkhorWear. MarkhorWear does not charge any additional amount on your purchase.

It is also to be noted that “MarkhorLive” has no official contact number or helpline. Meanwhile our helpline is being contacted by customers with complaints regarding problems faced while shopping at this other brand. Please note that MarkhorWear cannot compensate for any extra charges imposed by the other brand. We at MarkhorWear have no policy to charge an extra $17 for any purchase orders.

If you intend to buy genuine leather products from Marhorwear, it is recommended that you make sure your purchases are made at our official website which is; Other than this website, none of other websites is connected to us.

We at MarkhorWear uphold customer service at the highest standards and hence avoid the use of tactics or gimmicks intended to deceive the customer. MarkhorWear refrains from any practices that might cause annoyance to our customers. We recommend our customers to be cautious of any look-alike brands using a similar name or identity that resembles MarkhorWear, to avoid the risk of scams, deception, or inconveniences.

MarkhorWear is clear on the policy about purchases and customer service to ensure the highest level of ease for our customers. To view the policies in detail, readers are recommended to visit the following pages;

We regret any loss customers have suffered while shopping at the other brand. However, unfortunately, we cannot offer compensation on their behalf. For your future security, we recommend making purchases from our official web only. And when shopping elsewhere, verify the authenticity of the brand before committing to any payment.



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Markhor Wear is all about revolutionizing leather wear. Our unmatched wear is produced with an intense focus on quality. Our strict quality standards are there to ensure our customers get the very best, every time they shop at markhorWear. We’re a leatherwear brand delivering best-in-class leather products (mainly Jackets and Belts) since 2019.

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