What You Need to Know About Choosing Trendy & Stylish Leather Bags for Women

As the years continued to pass, we saw a gradual shift in terms of clothes and accessories. But, then, evolution took over and created significant havoc regarding daily activities and how we carry them to an inevitable end. However, as our clothing received a turnaround, so did our accessories. And one of those accessories was our bags—especially bags for women. 

Isn't it ironic how we only used to have a certain way of making our accessories by using natural resources and direct methods? Doesn't it ring a bell? But don't worry; we're here to help. In the stone age, the only source of making clothes or even accessories were done with the help of natural resources, and one of the most common was leather. And now, we see that finding something made out of leather is a big hassle and costly. Nevertheless, there is a solution to everything, and we are here to provide you with one. So, hop on, and let's go on a quest to find the best leather bags for women.

Trendy & Stylish Leather Bags for Women – Varieties

Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags were once also known as messenger bags. They were usually essential for the mailman to keep all the mail and letters, but with time we saw a gradual change and shift in their way of actual purpose. People started realizing their aura and how it would benefit them if they had one as their everyday carry. Shoulder bags are big, bulky, and primarily rectangular. Their immense size does wonders when it comes to carrying essentials. A shoulder bag is undoubtedly popular among the ladies for all the right reasons. And having it in leather is quite the plus point we've all been looking for, becoming the first choice of every woman when it comes to women's leather bags. If you're looking for one for yourself, get yours now.



Alright! There are countless fans of clutches out there. But, to be quite honest, most ladies would choose a clutch over a shoulder bag, regardless of how helpful a shoulder bag is. But what is it that separates a clutch from other ladies' leather bags? What is it that makes it such a desirable handbag? Despite the fact that a clutch doesn't have much space, it never ceases to amaze us with its undeniable charm. It's small; it often doesn't have straps, it doesn't have much space, no problem! It has a classy vibe, and there's no second thought to it.



Often mistaken as shopping bags, totes have a way of portraying themselves in a rather confusing manner. First, however, let's get on with the most crucial question here. What exactly is a tote bag? As history suggests, it first came into existence quite a long time ago. Does the 70s ring any bells? Now, the word "tote" means to carry, so it was introduced as a bag that could carry a lot of stuff. Hence; becoming a tote bag. Ever since the rise in their recognition, every 2 women out of 3 have a tote bag with them pretty much all the time. They come in all sizes, colors, and materials, and the most popular among them all is a black tote bag.

Bucket Bag

Bucket Bag

As the name suggests, bucket bags are made in the shape of a bucket. Their exterior is quite thick, but the interior is soft and carries all the sensitive material. As a result, bucket bags are pretty spacious and can carry quite a lot of stuff at a time. Moreover, they come in many sizes and materials, making them the choice of many ladies. These bucket bags gained popularity due to their exquisite appearance, and their popularity is still growing. These leather handbags are perfect when going to a party or an event, or even if a lady prefers them as an everyday carry.

Handbags for women

Women's handbags have come a long way from being ordinary essentials that can carry their daily items to something that now has style and charisma. Yes, handbags for women are no more just a need. A handbag now has the potential to define you, up your attire game, and make a fashion statement. Nonetheless, many other types of handbags are in the market and being carried around on quite a larger scale. 

The items, as mentioned earlier, do somewhat carry a significant reputation; however, there is no denying that many other pretty underrated options are also lying around the stores. For example, there are duffle bags, hobo bags, satchel bags, laptop bags, bowler bags, and many more. Unfortunately, it would take a millennium to figure out exactly how many types of women's bags are on the market today.

Reawakening of Leather 

Over the years, designers kept experimenting with designs and ideas to produce something new, something out of the box, but very few of them focused on the material. Finally, however, as predicted, we went back to the basics. Basics that defined us and began as our foundation in terms of accessories. Going back to the basics means going back to the origins. How our accessories and clothing items used to be made back then, and thus resulted in vintage leather production. 

Today we can see many thriving clothing items and accessories in leather materials being produced at quite a large scale. And women's leather bags are one of them. So, whether it's a leather handbag, leather clutch, or leather tote bag, there is a wide range of stylish choices that women can pick out.

Benefits of a Leather Bag

There are several advantages of having a leather bag in your closet. For example, a leather bag is most known for its durability and high resistance. No wonder leather has now become the most commonly used material in making a handbag.

However, another aspect that often gets ignored is that leather bags are highly eco-friendly. The production process of leather bags doesn't affect the environment. 

Now, it is a debate when we say that leather bags tend to save you a lot more money than you think. Although leather bags are generally expensive, if we look at them from a different perspective, we'll notice that they are quite long-lasting. So, if you don't feel the need to buy a new handbag every now and then, leather will be your companion for a long-long time. Hence, saving you from spending plenty. 


Leather handbags for women are in a wide variety, and there is no doubt that Markhor Wear has every one of them. So, if you're looking for a leather bag for yourself or want to give it as a gift to someone, you're at the right place. Shop from your desired items and make the most of these beauties at affordable rates. 

Remember, a bag is not just a bag; it's your greatest companion.