How much does shipping take?

  • There are accessible worldwide shipment options: Regular Shipment FREE Standard Shipping in US and Expedited Shipment plus Safety "$9.95".

Did you do international shipping?

  • Yes, we made the shipment globally.

How do I have my package tracked?

  • To monitor your shipment, you can fill in the application on our tracking page. To follow up on your shipment, click here. In the circumstance of any issue, feel free to contact service at support@ markhorwear.com.

How long it'll take to reach an order with them?

  • Delivery to countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and most European countries usually takes 1-3 weeks. Within specific examples, up to a limit of 6 weeks (if late). That depends on the country and item. We are providing global delivery - no wonder wherever you stay. You can purchase it from us! We use suppliers worldwide to offer exclusive and specialized goods to our customers. For all packets, there are identifying codes.

I have ordered 2+ items but received only one. Where are my orders?

  • If you purchase several things in the same period, they can be delivered simultaneously. Until the following order arrives, you will get one product. Therefore, don't worry, please, unless you have all of your things at one time. They're on their journey.

Where are your other objects coming from?

  • MarkhorWear is all regarding supplying you with exclusive and specialized items you won't find elsewhere. So, from all over the world, we get products. And though approximately of our goods come here from the China and Pakistan. To sustain a dynamic assortment of products you will enjoy, we go to the leading manufacturer that creates the latest stuff.


Basic Policy on Refunds

  • We have such a full 30-day reimbursement guarantee. If you do not like the item, you can return the product to us for money (customer pays return shipping cost).

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